The Community of Alcona County, Michigan, welcomes you to the Alcona County Quilt Trail web site!

Alcona Quilt Trail Barn The Alcona County Quilt Trail Project, featuring Michigan’s very first Quilt Trail, began as an idea, as a way to possibly bring tourism to our barn1community in the northeast Michigan area, and showcase our unique history. After researching the project with the help of Professor Wynne Wright’s Michigan State University class in the fall of 2007, plans were made to begin construction in the spring of 2008. Volunteers from the Alcona County community worked together to construct, paint and install large wooden quilt squares on barns and other sites of interest, to create a self-guided driving trail.

In September 2008, Phase I of the project was completed, with eight quilt squares mounted in the five easternmost townships of Alcona County. Phase II was completed in October of 2009, with another twenty sites selected in the remaining six townships in the western part of the county. Alcona County celebrated its 140-year anniversary in 2009, and the completion of our Quilt Trail was part of the festivities thanks to a generous grant from the National Quilting Association.

Sites for the Alcona County Quilt Trail were chosen by reviewing area history, structural interest, road conditions and pull off for safe viewing, as well as other criteria. Designs for the quilt squares begin with a traditional quilt pattern, which can be modified to reflect the site, the people who live there past and present, and/or an interesting event that has taken place.

Map brochures of the Alcona County Quilt Trail Project are available at the Alcona County Chamber of Commerce office in downtown Harrisville, as well as at many area businesses. They show not only the driving tour route but also have a brief history of each site, and any small business hours and information along the route.

Artwork of Alcona County Quilt Trail sites is available at the Dragonfly Art Gallery, 116 E. Main St. in Harrisville.

12″ fabric quilt block square kits are available for $10 each with all proceeds going to support the Quilt Trail. E-mail to alconamichiganquilttrail@hotmail.com for information.


Safety & Respecting Private Property
While enjoying and viewing the Alcona County Quilt Trail, please use caution when slowing down or stopping near a site. Stopping on busy roads can be dangerous and illegal. All Quilt Trail sites are located on private property. They should be viewed only from the road unless otherwise indicated at the site location or if that site is a business open to the public. We are deeply grateful to all of our Quilt Trail hosts for their generosity.


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