About the Trail

Barn Quilt Trails

The Barn Quilt idea originated in southern Ohio and has blossomed into a larger network of community trails throughout the United States and Canada. Wooden blocks are painted to resemble traditional quilt patterns and are mounted to the sides of barns and other structures to depict the heritage of the area. These trails become popular tourist attractions.


Alcona County has a rich history that is depicted by historical landmarks, nautical presence, and unique agricultural buildings. The community has been influenced by the Lake Huron shoreline and benefits from large tracts of state and federal forests.

Alcona County’s Arts & Crafts Culture

Alcona County is home to the state’s second largest arts & crafts show. This is a testament to the commitment of an engaged artisan community. Residents regularly host regional quilting programs, writers groups, and fine arts activities to help celebrate the important roles these cultural elements play in their daily lives.


The idea for a quilt trail in Alcona County was put forward by MSU Professor Wynne Wright and Alcona County MSU Extension Agent Bonnie Wichtner-Zoia in early 2007 to promote tourism within the county. Many thanks go to Professor Wright’s fall semester class of 2007 for doing research on the feasibility of implementing the project, and presenting their findings to the community to help us create a wonderful, unique Quilt Trail.

The National Quilting Association. We would like to extend a big thank you to the National Quilting Association for their generous grant to purchase materials needed to complete the project.

Other Contributors:
· Behr Process Corporation who generously donated a vivid and colorful spectrum
of paints.
· East Shore Art Guild
· Local Chambers of Commerce
· Hollyhock Quilt Shoppe
· Harrisville Lady Lions
· Area businesses, farms and residents